Affiliate & Earn Program

The address that meets the requirements below will earn 2 SISHI and have a chance to earn up to 3 levels within your referral network.

Main Requirements

  1. Interacted with one of 3 vaults - SISHI, SISHI-BUSD-LP, or SISHI-BNB-LP.

  2. The interacted amount has to greater than 500 BUSD at the current SISHI price.

How to earn your SISHI

  1. Visit the Sishi Finance.

  2. Connect your BSC wallet.

  3. If your wallet is eligible you will see a “SISHI has arrived” popup.

  4. Click on “Claim” and finalize your claim.

  5. You will have a referral link, it uses to earn even more SISHI

Go to the Affiliate Dashboard and copy your referral link. Share the referral link across all your social networks to start earning even more SISHI.

Every time your referrals meet the main requirements and when your referrals earn the SISHI reward, then you will receive a portion amount of SISHI based on the level of your referrals.

Sishi Finance may adjust the proportion of referral reward at any time and adjust the rules of the program.

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