SATOSHI Tokenomics

The creator of Bitcoin

The SATOSHI token has been designed specifically to reward loyal SISHI holders, who stick with the ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

SATOSHI Contract: 0x2a471F33d5AEc22315FfBFc6664EDfb4aBdf5f39

Treasury Contract: 0xf4bEE80D6583c774ee422d9971a78550549D723A

Sishi Finance team does not control or own the treasury supply. The treasury smart contract controls all the mechanics

To acquire SATOSHI there is a 28% burn fee and a 2% reflect fee applies to SISHI.

You always swap your SATOSHI back to SISHI with a 2% reflection fee. The whole process would all come after the 30% fee.


If you would like to spend 10 SISHI to get the SATOSHI, you would receive 7 SATOSHI.

What are the benefits of holding SATOSHI?

Passive Earning

SATOSHI is a reflect token with a 2% transfer fee. the transfer fee is reflected SATOSHI holders for passive income to their holdings just by having it in their wallets.


Our goal is to use SATOSHI as the core governance token of Sishi Finance.

Early sPad Access

Gain early access to exclusive token allocations for Initial Project Offerings.

Exclusive Pool Access

Stake SATOSHI to earn other high-quality tokens.

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